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Antwerp Mansion is an early Victorian Gothic house. It was built in 1840 and extended in the early 20th century. Powered by passionate grass roots support it commands a truly remarkable cult status as a music and arts venue.

We provide location, inspiration and support for creative professionals and organisations. Our grounds and halls have hosted television sets, photography shoots, fashion shows, art exhibitions and events. We help people to develop, produce and showcase their work.

Our spaces are constantly changing to better suit our clients' practical and creative requirements. No strangers to repainting halls and knocking down walls we continually support redecoration and construction. All our rooms have working electrical sockets and lighting.

We offer a wide range of affordable and professional services both in and out of our beautiful spaces. So please get in touch today!



Click here to download high resolution photos of all our spaces (140.2 MB).

Outside (front)

A driveway leads into a large open area. This spans round the front and left hand side of the building providing wide open shots of the house set against a border of trees. This space is also suitable for creating urban and rural scenes.

The Gig Room

A large, dark, wooden floored room. A large stack of speakers loom over the room from the sides of a stage with ornate legs. The space is punctuated by pianos, keyboards and vintage benches and fueled by a well stocked bar.

The Blue Room

A cosy lounge close to the main entrance. There is a wooden bar with access to the basement and gig venue and vintage benches line the sides. Tea room tables and chairs are available.

The Ballroom

A spacious early 20th century ballroom. The high, arched ceiling produces gorgeous acoustics and tall windows make the room light and airy.

The Green Room

A tall east facing window throws light across a large meeting table. The walls are adorned with conservative memorabilia: sporting trophies, portraits of politicians and wartime paintings. A fireplace gives the room a homely feel and the flag laid against the window transforms it into a war room.

The Landing

A wide, bright landing which leads to the ball room and is surrounded by a wood and iron banister.

The Entrance

This is the room that greets our music venue guests. Here you can find a fireplace, a piano and doors that lead through to the main hallway and gig room. Scenes from television series have been shot here and with easy access to the outside it makes an excellent greenroom.

The Hallway

A wide hallway which curves around a beautiful gothic staircase. The original wooden handrail leads to the first floor lit from the skylight above.

Other spaces

There are many other spaces in Antwerp Mansion including large toilet facilities and kitchens that may be currently in use as storage or in the process of construction. Please get in touch for more information.

Outside (Back)

A very large open space which spans around the rear of the building.

The Porch

The small covered entrance to the rest of the building. This space provides very interesting acoustics as well as a great camera position for scenes set in the hallway.


We provide an inspiring, flexible and cost effective location. Our grounds, rooms and halls have been the backdrop for for television series, fashion shows, music videos, live broadcasts and photography shoots.

Antwerp Mansion is available for partial and whole venue hire. We can provide everything from reliable portering and sound tech to delicious catering and experienced extras.

The building is constantly changing and we will fully support most creative decisions. Our clients are encouraged to redecorate and adapt their environment to better suit their vision. We hope this presents creative opportunities that are rare for such a historic setting.

Please get in touch for a quote.


We offer discounts and opportunities for students and education organisations. We have experience hosting exhibitions, workshops and social events with Manchester Metropolitan University and The University of Manchester. We even offer opportunities for student led projects with small budgets to subsidize or pay off their invoices by working and sharing their skills with us.

Please get in touch for more information.


Antwerp Mansion was built in 1840 as a private home as part of the Victoria Park estate, a gated community for the new super-rich industrialists of the Victorian age. It was built in a very early version of the Gothic style which became very popular with the Victorians in later years.

For many years it remained a private home until at one time it appears to have been the home of the Belgian Consul.

It became a private club in 1922. At this time the building was massively extended with a ballroom and snooker hall being added to the existing building.

Since 2009 Antwerp House has had a new lease of life. It became a home for much of the new musical and artistic talent of Manchester. Renamed Antwerp Mansion by the musicians themselves, the building has been and continues to be steadily restored by a large group of volunteers.

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