SAT 20 JAN - Better in the 90's
Oh, the nineties! If you were born in this decade, you'll appreciate so many things from your sweet, sweet childhood. The Internet was a mere baby and Texts were 10p EACH, none of this bundle joy that means we can talk crap endlessly for next to nothing. Every single word earned its place. Jamie Oliver was non-existent to protect us from the evils of school dinners. We were able to go to school, buy a chomp, a Freddo and a pack of cola Frosties for 30p from the tuck shop and then have a burger and chips from the canteen without the fears that we will be dead by 30. Buffy the vampire slayer was our Game of Thrones and our biggest responsibility in life was keeping that Tamagochi alive.

Forget the Gangnam Style, Try mastering the Macarena, Saturday Night AND the Cha Cha slide. If you couldnít master these in time for the school disco, you were sitting at the side for the entire night with a lukewarm can of Panda Cola.


Everything 90ís House / Garage / Disco & the odd cheeseball...


11PM - 3AM
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