Antwerp Mansion is an ongoing renovation project, that continues to turn this beautiful, run-down Victorian Mansion into a thriving art, film and photography haven, but most of all, into the most original nightclub venue in Britain, and quite possibly the world.

By day, we focus on photography and filmshoots, and we're always happy to take bookings for these activities, as well as for band practices and rehearsals. On the outside of our building, we have huge walls, which you are welcome to spraypaint on, if you contact us first to discuss your creative ideas. We ask for you to get the green light from us beforehand, so we can protect some of the truly amazing pieces that other good people have contributed over the years.

By night, the focus shifts, and the Mansion becomes Manchester's most vibrant, electric and eclectic location for a full spectrum of club music, with regular guest performers ranging from Ms. Dynamite, Bondax, and Swamp 81, to So Solid Crew, Goldie, Kahn & Neek, to Congo Natty, Zed Bias, Mungo's Hifi and Craig Charles, to name just a few!

Our themed club nights range from the glorious disco vibes of Rubix nights, to our infamous Rum 'n Bass events, all the way to our newest creation, Motherfunkers, along with everything you can possibly imagine in-between.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our listings at for what's going on and get involved! Join our event pages here on Facebook. Say hi to us on Twitter, and say hi to us when you come down.

This is Antwerp Mansion and we love you too! xxx

To contact us in respect of bookings of all kinds, you can reach us easily at

If you have had TOO MUCH FUN and lost something in the Mansion, email us at If we can find it, you can have it back!

Out postal address is:

Antwerp House
Kent Road West
United Kingdom
M14 5RF

Our venue address is:

Antwerp Mansion
Rusholme Grove (off the Curry Mile)
M14 5AG

We're so big, we have two postcodes, so if you're coming here for a night out, give your cabbie the 'Rusholme Grove - M14 5AG' address please!